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Patients Recover Faster at Home

 Clinical studies have shown that patients recover faster from surgery or any other illness when in the comfortable surroundings of their own home.

 Complete Home Health Care is a home health agency which has been providing specialty care for homebound patients in southeast Michigan since 2006.

Care Plan is as Unique as You:
Your treatments and care plan is specifically designed to fit your goals and needs.

Recovery Outcomes:
With a plan designed for you, your recovery time and outcomes will be optimized.

Skilled professionals:
Our staff are specifically trained to provide care for you. We always match your needs with an expert and a reliable clinician.

We will provide treatments at times and days that work for YOU.

Our team members will keep open communication with you about your progress and care.

Our team members coordinate with each other to make sure your treatment goals are being met.

Insurances Accepted